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Access + Learn

Immerse: in-depth data, at your fingertips. The FORWARD Comprehensive Survey Questionnaire, along with the adjacent questionnaires offered by FORWARD, offer physician-verified information about rheumatic diseases patients, and their experience with their disease. The questionnaires are designed to provide a comprehensive, in-depth understanding of the patient experience.

Discover: decades of patient-reported data, gathered from thousands of rheumatic disease patients.

FORWARD data covers a wide breadth of information related to the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of rheumatic diseases. FORWARD can also assist you by adding one-time or longer-term questions specific to your research needs to the twice-yearly questionnaire or as a separate questionnaire targeted to individuals diagnosed with specific rheumatic diseases.

Design: outcomes and clinical research study design.

If you require assistance designing your study or developing your research question, the FORWARD team has provided decades of experience and support in understanding treatments, direct and indirect medical costs, adverse events, symptoms, utilities, and other key rheumatic disease outcomes, and is happy to support you in your endeavors.

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Analyze + Understand

Report: clearing the way for the information you need.

FORWARD provides all necessary analysis of participant-provided data, ensuring that you have the information you need, when you need it.

Maintain: asking the right questions, for the long-term.

If your research project requires longitudinal data other than that already available or additional follow-up with participants, FORWARD will assist you in continual tracking, analysis, and reporting necessary answer your research question.


FORWARD provides the necessary data and support to allow researchers to understand and effectively improve the experience of individuals with rheumatic diseases.