Since 1998, FORWARD has cataloged and shared real-world data, advancing knowledge about the causes, outcomes, costs, treatments, and results of treatments related to rheumatic conditions.

FORWARD has major interests in the treatment aspects of illness, social medicine, work disability, and the social consequences of illness. It collaborates with researchers worldwide and makes its data available to qualified investigators (students, residents, rheumatologists/physicians, allied health professionals) without charge. For other qualified investigators or companies, there is a charge depending on what FORWARD is providing, i.e. raw data, statistical analysis, reporting, safety registry management, etc.

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patient-reported and physician confirmed. FORWARD’s questionnaires gather data on key variables necessary to understand the treatment, diagnosis, and prevention of rheumatic diseases.

Some key variables in the FORWARD data bank include:  socio-demographics, clinical and disease activity through patient self-report, treatments and treatment response, physical function scores (e.g., HAQ and HAQ-II), health-related quality of life (e.g., Euroqol, SF-36), direct medical costs, indirect productivity costs including disability and work participation, comorbidities, hospitalizations, mortality status and many others. FORWARD is also capable of adding questions to the 6-month questionnaires or provide 1-time special questionnaires for research projects.

Socio-demographics. Clinical activity. Disease activity. Treatments. Treatment Response. Direct Medical Costs. Indirect Medical Costs. Health-Related Quality of Life Scores. Physical Function Scores.

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of researchers and specialists so that one day, we can all enjoy a life free of affliction from rheumatic diseases.

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