Making your voice heard.

The FORWARD questionnaire is a twice-yearly, optional questionnaire that asks you to reflect on and provide information about your rheumatic disease, symptoms, treatment, and more. There are many different methods for filling out the questionnaire, so you can pick the right one for you.

  • DIRECT INTERNET ENTRY – For those that are comfortable with the internet, the online questionnaire is a great way to provide FORWARD with your information. We’ll make sure that your information is kept private, and, should you need a break while filling out the questionnaire, you always have the option of pausing and returning to the questionnaire at a later date.

  • PAPER QUESTIONNAIRE – delivered to your mailbox with a prepaid return envelope, this is a great option for individuals who are more comfortable working with a paper questionnaire than online.

  • TELEPHONE ENTRY – Should a paper or online questionnaire prove to be too difficult, we also provide telephone questionnaires, during which a trained FORWARD staff member will walk you through each question over the phone and record your answers for you.

Please note: All of these forms are HIPAA compliant and have been approved by IRBs.

If you’re ready to join FORWARD in making a difference for rheumatic diseases, click the link below.

Elderly person filling out the questionnaire.