FORWARD depends on its physician and health care provider partners…

… to give patients a voice in research to improve the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of rheumatic diseases. FORWARD’s physician partners support FORWARD and its mission in a number of different ways, all designed to limit the impact on your practice and make partnering with FORWARD easy for you and your staff. Partner with FORWARD, or learn more about the different ways you can be involved below.

Partner with FORWARD
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FORWARD General Patient Enrollment

  • NEW! Digital Brochure for sites to use in emails, on websites, chats, anywhere you can share online or electronically, click here to download FORWARD’s new Patient Virtual Brochure!

  • Site Enrollment: Individual sites can enroll their patients by having the patient sign a consent form and provide contact information, then mailing or faxing these to FORWARD. After that, FORWARD will communicate directly with the patient.

  • Postcards: Sites can also help by putting brochures with return postcards in their office. Patients can then enroll in the Databank by returning the enrollment postcard, calling FORWARD, or going online.

  • Site-Specific Forms: Sites can set up their own forms to capture visit data (i.e., HAQ, arthritis medications, tender points, etc.) and send these to FORWARD, then who can then process them and send reports back to the site.

Impact the research.

Want to learn more about how enrolling your patients in the FORWARD databank will support and improve the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of rheumatic diseases? Check out some of the recent research being performed using FORWARD data.

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