FORWARD depends on patients…

…to share their experiences with their disease, their medication, and any other forms of therapy in order improve research of the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of rheumatic diseases. Patients who participate are not only the foundation of the databank—they also have a voice in the research too. Patients continually play an important role in improving FORWARD and pushing research in the rheumatic disease field forward.

Mature woman filling out questionnaire.

FORWARD questionnaire

Want to learn more about how you can participate in the FORWARD databank? Click below to learn more about the FORWARD questionnaire, and how you can easily contribute to rheumatic disease research.

FORWARD Questionnaire

FORWARD participants, making a difference.

Want to learn more about how FORWARD participants are making a difference in rheumatic disease research? Check out our research library to see some recent publications using by FORWARD collaborators using FORWARD data.

Research Library
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