Why cannot I not move past my medications page?

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Your medication page should now look something like this if you are viewing it on a computer:

Medications page on a computer.

Or like this if you are viewing it on a phone:

Medications page on a phone.

To complete the medications page, you must verify each medication. To do so, please press the buttons in the following order (this applies to both computer and phone):

Press the double check mark button.
Press the “Still Taking?” button, especially if you are no longer taking this medication.

Please take extra special care to answer every question, but especially the last three questions and any associated questions that might follow:

This is the window that should pop up after pressing “Still Taking?”
Make sure these last three questions are answered.

If you stopped taking a medication or you experienced side effects, you will be presented with more questions about those topics.

Once you have verified all of the data for this medication, press the Verify and Close button:

Press the Verify and Close button.

Once this has been done, the medication should no longer be an orange-ish color:

The Medication “Aspirin” has been verified. Now we just need to verify “Turmeric” and “Omeprazole”.

Once you have done this for every Medication, there should be no more orange and you should be able to submit the page:

All three medications have been verified, and the page is finished!
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